Guitar Gear

Mayones Regius Pro Custom

My fourth Mayones guitar but my first Mayones Regius. There I was thinking it couldn’t get any better than my Setius models. Well, I was wrong. The Setius models are great but the Regius models are superb!!!! Great sound, awesome looks and playability!

This Regius is equipped with 2 Seymour Duncan Black Out 2’s, a high quality Floyd Rose Type bridge, ebony fretboard, monolith white paint job on the front and see through black at the back. Furthermore is has blue led-lights on the side of the neck and on the fret board! Awesome Axe! My number one shred-machine!!!!

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Teye La Mora

I recently became an endorser of these fine works of Art! Wonderful guitars that, sound, play and look unlike anything you have ever played! It’s the most versatile guitar I own for sure. It can sound like a Les Paul, a Strat, a Tele, a Shred-axe, an acoustic (yep) et cetera! It even has a great Out of Phase setting! The three Lollar pick-ups sound great! Very clear and sparkling with a great full and punchy low end.

The guitar was all hand crafted in Austin, Texas by Teye. A man with a vision!

Check it out by visiting his site here.


Mayones Setius Pro-6 Custom

My second Mayones Guitar was this Monolith Black Setius Pro Custom. Another truly great instrument by the talented guys at Mayones! This one has the special Moon Inlays, a Bareknuckle War Pig, a Fernandes Sustainer, a Floyd Rose type bridge and a ebony fret board. Another great Axe!!!

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Mayones Setius GM7

This was my first Mayones guitar. It’s all stock but still really really good. I got it after my buddy and band mate Eric Hazebroek introduced me to Mayones at rehearsals. We were hitting the studio within a week and I wasn’t happy with the sound, intonation and feel of my 7-string at the time. So I asked the nice guys of Mayones for help and within a few days I was the proud owner of this beauty! Not a moment too soon. The Mayones killed it in the studio! Always a great sound and always in tune!

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Mayones Setius Custom

My Third Mayones guitar. It’s must be clear that I love these guitars! This one is a mirror of my Black Setius Pro. Even the custom moon inlay has the opposite colours as the black version of this little mirror project. This guitar features an ebony fret board, Seymour Duncan pick ups, Graph Tech Graphite Nut, Graph Tech Piezo pick up and Sperzel Locking Tuners. Spot on insrument!

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Diezel Herbert and VH4

I’ve been using Diezel amps for over 10 years now. The sheer quality in sound, manufacturing and ease of use are simply amazing!!!!

The sound of my Diezel amps (I own a VH4 and a Herbert) are very rich and full of tone. Warm and clear clean, great crunch and really wide and punchy distortions.

The first Diezel I bought was the VH4. This 100 watt, 4 channel beast can do everything from blues, rock to extreme metal. I used this amp on every track of Stream of Passion’s ‘The Flame Within’ and I love the results!

Right after the recording of The Flame Within I went to my long-time boutique guitar and amplifier store ‘Guitar King’ in Boekel in The Netherlands and tried the Diezel Herbert. I was simply blown away. This was the metal amp I was looking for all my life! Not as versatile as the VH4 but MAN, does this amp pack a punch! I have the gain set half way but it is enough to blow every other amp of the stage! It also has a mid cut function which can give it a Dimebag Darrell kind of heaviness… Nice!

What I really like in my Diezel amps is the quality of the manufacturing. Peter Diezel really knows what he’s doing. Only the best parts are used and the lay-out is very clear (this is very handy when biasing your tubes or something like that). You can use EL34 and 6L6 tubes in these babies… I have 6L6’s in my VH4 and EL34 in my Herbert (6 of them!!!). Just change the tubes, flick a switch, a little biasing and you’re set to go!

What I also look for in an amp is the ease of use. I can control my Diezels with the Diezel Columbus midi-controller and switch between the channels (the VH4 has 4 channels, the Herbert has 3), the effect loops, effect inserts on every channel (VH4), mid cut (Herbert) and a second master switch for solo boosts (Herbert).  I boost my solo’s on the VH4 in another way. I use channel 3 for the distorted rhythm parts and channel 4 for my lead/solo parts. Channel 4 is set at a higher volume and with more mids which can really push my solo’s forward in the mix.

I mostly use the Herbert for metal like Stream of Passion and the VH4 for more rock related stuff. However, if I get the chance I take them both on stage to get a really killer sound! You should feel what I feel when I crank these babies up on stage together! Spine shaking loudness!!!

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Kool & Elfring XXLs412 Cabinet

I’ve owned a lot of speaker cabinets from all over the world but I found the best speaker cabinets from Dutch manufacturers Kool & Elfring. Go figure! I first tried their speaker cabs when I bought my Diezel Herbert at Guitar King. The Herbert never sounded that good as the day I bought it so I contacted Aryjan Kool and a few days later I could pick up my XXLs412 Cabinet.

I never want another cab! Other cabs used to choke if I played certain palm muted riffs at gig volume but the K&E just stays crystal clear and punchy! The XXL cabs are a bit higher than conventional cabs and this results in a great low-end response and overall sound. Mine is loaded with Vintage 30’s but you can get a lot of other speakers put in if you want to! Check out their great amps too!

Jackson Ampworks – Newcastle 30

I first tried this amp at my favorite guitar store Guitar King in a town called Boekel in the Netherlands. I was blown away that such a small amp could pack such a BIG sound. So clear and defined! So beautiful! I just had to have one! So I ordered mine instantly!

It’s a real ‘simple’ boutique amp packed with great tone and soul and a nice vintage look. Another cool thing is that it weighs almost nothing. Great for those late night gigs!

The Jackson dual ported 1 x 12 speaker cabinet with an Alnico Gold speaker makes it even better! More here.


This is my main pedal board. I use the Diezel Columbus Midi-controller to switch channels on my Diezel amps and simultaneously switch the effects in my TC-Electronics G-Force 19″ unit. Works like a charm!

The Little red pedal is the smallest Wah-pedal in the world and one with big qualities! Built like a tank and sounds great. It’s called the PluTONEium Chi-Wah-Wah! Great name and great product. This one is the Bas Chi-wah-wah and seems to work better with really high gain amps like my Diezel Herbert. For more info on the Chi-Wah-Wah visit

The little gizmo above the Chi-Wah-Wah is a Photo Theremin from Electro Faustus. It’s a tone generator that responds to light. The more light that hits the photo-cel the higher the pitch becomes. I use my foot to control the amount of light that enters the photo-cel and therefor the pitch. Great with some distortion and wild delays. You can get the Muse/Plug In Baby sound instantly! Again, for more info about this little gadget visit

The Morley A/B-switch is used to swith between the guitar and the Photo Theremin, which is always on.

The orange pedal is a T-Rex replica delay. It’s a great delay but I get my delays from my G-Force unit. The T-rex is for on the spot crazy delaying. I often use it to create noise at the end of a song or a gig by twisting the knobs while letting my guitar ring out on all strings. Making noise = FUN!!!!

I guess the Whammy pedal needs no introduction!

I power my pedals with the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2. Can’t go wrong with that one!

The pedal board it self is from Trailer Trash Pedal Boards. A really cool pedal board company in the USA. Check it out!

The flight case I built myself.